In this book based on a South African lullaby and folktale, a fearsome giant, Abiyoyo, suddenly appears in a small South African town, causing the people to run for their lives. Nothing can stop the giant except for the sound of a little boy’s ukulele — a sound that enchants the giant, but a sound that up until now none of the boy’s fellow townspeople could stand to hear. The boy’s father also has a special gift: he can wave a magic wand and make things disappear, a talent the townspeople have found equally annoying. But now, the previously banished boy and his father are suddenly heroes, as they work together to get rid of Abiyoyo for good. The song that accompanies this thrilling and witty tale is a Pete Seeger classic.

About the Author

Pete Seeger (1919-2014) was a national treasure, arguably the most influential figure in American folk music as well as an important advocate of social causes. He lives in Beacon, New York.

Michael Hays has illustrated several picture books, including the sequel to Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo Returns. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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