Bessie Coleman (An Empak “Black History” Publication Series)

Bessie Coleman (An Empak “Black History” Publication Series)



Kumi and Chanti are two African children. They have been given great magical powers and sent on a very special mission. Their mission is to be the caretakers of African-American history. And, they are to take this history to the children of the world.

Kumi is eight, his sister, Chanti is six. They can travel all over the world through space and time. In so doing, they watch and record true stories. Stories about great African-American lives and deeds.

When Kumi and Chanti touch the golden chairs they wear, they can fly. When they sprinkle themselves with their special dust, they can become invisible. When they use their magic twigs, they can change into anything they wish.

Join Kumi and Chanti in their exciting world of African-American history!

This story is about Bessie Coleman!

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