Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin



A poem extolling the beauty of African-American children forms the basis for celebration of a positive self-image. Four attractive children engage in typical kindergarten pastimes as the rhyming text rhapsodizes about their dimpled chins, “teeth that glisten,” and “very special hair and clothes.” Whereas building self-esteem and acknowledging children’s charms are commendable goals, they are not enough to build a book upon. Yes, these boys and girls are appealing, but they are so unusually cooperative and cheerful, smiling nonstop throughout the pages of this slim volume, that real live children, with all of the emotions and moods that are a part of being human, may have difficulty relating to them. School Library Journal


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About the Author

Author, publisher and entrepreneur, Cheryl Willis Hudson began her career doing textbook design for publishers such as Houghton Mifflin and Macmillan.
Noticing a lack of quality Black-interest books for her own two children, in 1988, Cheryl Hudson and her husband Wade formed Just Us Books, Inc., a publishing company that specializes in children’s books that focus on Black experiences, history and culture. Hudson’s AFRO-BETS® ABC Book was Just Us Books’ first published title.
Cheryl Willis Hudson has written over 24 children’s books, including the classic Bright Eyes, Brown Skin, Many Colors of Mother Goose, and Come By Here, Lord: Everyday Prayers for Children, Hold Christmas In Your Heart, What Do You Know, Snow!, the What a Baby board book series (Scholastic, Inc.) Hands Can (Candlewick), My Friend Maya Loves to Dance (Abrams) and From Where I Stand (Marimba Books).
She is co-editor with Wade Hudson of We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices and The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love & Truth (Crown Books for Young Readers).
As an author, Cheryl Willis Hudson crafts vibrant and engaging multicultural books that allow children of color to see themselves positively reflected in society. As a diversity workshop facilitator and speaker she shares her experience and expertise in developing curricula of inclusions with schools and educational organizations. She loves to visit schools and libraries to talk with children and parents.
For fun, Cheryl sings with friends in an amateur acappella vocal group. She lives in Northern New Jersey with her family.

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