Dinosaurs: The World’s Most Terrifying Creatures

Dinosaurs: The World’s Most Terrifying Creatures


  • Features over 90 of the world’s strangest and scariest dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
  • Includes annotated full-color illustrations of each dinosaur, together with maps, step-by-step artwork, and captions.
  • Informative, easy-to-follow text provides a wealth of information about each dinosaur, including vivid descriptions of behavior and hunting techniques.
  • Each entry is accompanied by an information box listing key facts and figures for easy reference and comparison.



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About the Author

Veronica Ross is the author of ten previous books, including four Carolyn Archer mysteries Stories and Lies, The Burden of Grace, Millicent: A Mystery, and The Anastasia Connection, as well as Hannah B. and Order in the Universe (both The Mercury Press), and Homecoming (HarperCollins). She teaches creative writing and continues to publish short stories, most recently in Chatelaine and The New Quarterly. Veronica Ross lives with her husband, Richard O’Brian, and their dog and cat, in Kitchener, Ontario

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