Dora the Explorer – Save the Day!

Dora the Explorer – Save the Day!



Save the Day!

A wind blows Boots away? Swiper saves the day? Get ready for some really special rescue missions with Dora and her cousin Diego!

Dora and Diego to the Rescue

When a mighty wind carries away Boots on his kite, Dora and her cousin Diego need help from you and some animal friends on a high-speed around-the-world adventure.

Swiper the Explorer

To help a lost baby fox get back to his fox hole, Dora and Boots get help from an unlikely hero… Swiper Help them past a Volcano, through Diego’s rainforest, and more!

Release Date


Region Code

MPA Rating

NR (Not Rated)



Number of discs

Cast & Crew

  • Fatima Ptacek
  • Regan Mizrahi
  • Alexandria Suarez
  • Caitlin Sanchez
  • Marc Weiner

Special Features

  • “Move Like the Animals Do” music video
  • Full Screen Format
  • Dolby Digital
  • English Stereo

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