I Can Read! Level 2: Flat Stanley at Bat

I Can Read! Level 2: Flat Stanley at Bat



Sure, Stanley Lambchop is a bit two-dimensional; he’s four feet tall, one foot wide, and about half an inch thick. (He’s been flat ever since a bulletin board fell on him.) But, in many ways, he’s just like any other boy.

Eager to play baseball, Stanley works hard and makes the team. Yet his flatness soon sets him apart. Some players say Stanley has an unfair advantage at the plate and in the field. Should Stanley be allowed to play? What can he do?


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About the Author

Jeff Brown created the beloved character of Flat Stanley as a bedtime story for his sons. He has written other outrageous books about the Lambchop family, including Flat StanleyStanley and the Magic LampInvisible StanleyStanley’s Christmas AdventureStanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again! You can learn more about Jeff Brown and Flat Stanley at www.flatstanleybooks.com.

Macky Pamintuan is an accomplished artist who lives in the Philippines with his wife, Aymone; their baby girl, Alison; and a West Highland white terrier named Winter.

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