I Love My Daddy

I Love My Daddy



I love playing… and I love my daddy!

One day, Little Squirrel shows Daddy his favorite ways to play. But he keeps getting stuck! Just as he’s getting discouraged, Daddy gets stuck, too, and Little Squirrel finally sees just how good at playing he is. This playful, cuddly, and comforting picture book is perfect for any daddy and his little one to share.


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About the Author

David Bedford trained as a biologist and was a scientific researcher until his love of reading, then writing, set him along the path to becoming an author. David has had 85 books traditionally published, which have been translated worldwide in 35 languages. They include the much-loved bestselling picture-book Big Bear Little Bear, and The Team series of football (soccer) fiction for juniors. He has taught creativity, literacy and author techniques in schools around the world for ten years, and now likes nothing better than to combine his writing and teaching in his new personal publishing venture, ME & YOU BOOKS – where readers write!

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