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Perfect the Way I Am



My name is Khloe Bell. I’m eight years old, and I’m the author of, “Perfect the Way I Am,” a book that encourages girls who look like me to be confident in who they are. I wrote this book after being bullied for the things that make me special. I’ve been made fun of because of my hair, my nose, and even the color of my skin! Because of that, I wished and prayed that I didn’t look the way that I do. After a game with my mom, I realized that if I changed anything about me using my pretend magical powers, no one would ever recognize me! That’s when I knew that God didn’t make a mistake, and I’m perfect the way I am!


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Khloe Bell is eight years old, and she loves to write, read, play, and make new friends.
She is also the product of a blended family, so she gets to spend her time between Orlando, Florida and Dallas, TXKeaidy Selmon was born in Honduras on February 8, 1989. Since then, she has spent years driving others around her crazy as she came to grips with her own reality. After being diagnosed with an array of mental disorders throughout her life, a doctor finally admitted that her ability to create intricate plots and characters was actually a gift instead of some sort of disease.
“After I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder, I started taking this medication that had more risks than rewards. It slowed me down, and for the first time in my life – I actually felt crazy,” she says. “After an allergic reaction to the medication, my doctor suggested that I stop taking the pills and start writing again.
One by one, all of the characters that I had known personally in my head were now free to roam in the new world I had created for them. Finishing my first novel was the first time I ever felt any real sense of freedom. That’s the first time the pain I had been through felt worth it. I no longer aimed to just be somebody because I finally loved and accepted the woman God created me to be.”
When she was asked why out of all of her books she’s so passionate about the Charge it to the Game series, she said, “I write to give hope to that person who will be told there is no money to be made in the passion that sets their soul on fire. I want them to know that they should never devalue their dreams to what someone else thinks it’s worth. If you’re trying to measure up to other people’s opinions – you’ll always come up short.
Your uniqueness is what makes you shine. Find your purpose, and then share your gift with the world.”In addition to writing and owning her own company, Keaidy is also the President of the non-profit organization Positive Visionaries & Innovators Building Excellence.Keaidy Selmon loves to hear from her readers. If you would like to contact her, visit: and use the ‘contact’ form.

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