Running Back to Ludie

Running Back to Ludie



The narrator of these bittersweet verses hasn’t seen her mother in years. She lives with her father and aunt and studies old photographs of Ludie, clinging to distant memories of strolls on winter days. But now she’s going to see her mother again, to stay with her for a few days in her cabin in the woods. She is finally going to discover how it feels to be her mother’s daughter.

Soulful and strong, illustrated with expressive black-and-white drawings, this poetry collection explores a tender spirit and an aching heart.


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About the Author

Angela Johnson was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, but raised in Windham, Ohio; the only girl in a family of five. She now lives in Northeastern Ohio in a 100-year-old house full of plants. When not writing, she travels. On one of her trips to the California desert, the inspiration for her first novel, Toning the Sweep, came about.

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