The Backyardigans – It’s Great To Be A Ghost

The Backyardigans – It’s Great To Be A Ghost



It’s Great to Be a Ghost – PABLO, TYRONE, and UNIQUA are ghosts, and they’ve found the perfect old house to haunt. To the sound of Cab Calloway-style 20’s jazz, they practice floating, booing, and other scary stuff. When an unsuspecting stranger (TASHA) shows up, they put their scaring skills to the test.

Monster Detective – PABLO is a noisy but lonely Soccer-Ball-Monster who hordes soccer balls in his castle’s gym. TYRONE is a no-nonsense, Dragnet-style Detective. He and his client, UNIQUA, must brave the Monster’s Castle and rescue UNIQUA’S kidnapped soccer ball. 60’s Rock underscores this action- packed investigation. Will they get the job done without being turned into Monsters themselves? Bonus episodes/ Added Value-2nd Menu Page Below are episode descriptions of the two bonus episodes on this release: (approx 50:00 minutes) – DVD ONLY

The Key to the Nile – TASHA is Princess of Egypt, and TYRONE, PABLO, and AUSTIN are her servants. Only the princess can end Egypt’s horrible drought, by bringing three precious gifts to the sphinx, UNIQUA. Will the princess finally unlock the Nile waters? Broadway-style musical numbers ring through the desert in this Egyptian adventure.

Pirate Treasure – X marks the spot on this reggae-style pirate adventure. In two pirate teams, the kids sail the high seas in search of treasure. Who will find it first? And who will walk the plank?

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  • LaShawn Jefferies
  • Jonah Bobo
  • Sean Curley
  • Thomas Sharkey
  • Jake Goldberg

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