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We Could Be Brothers

We Could Be Brothers



Robeson Battlefield and Pacino Clapton meet in detention, where they discover they both had scuffles with the same person, Tariq. Although the boys have different mannerisms (Robeson is more respectful of the girl sharing detention with them) and lifestyles (Pacino lives in a sketchy part of town; Robeson lives in a huge well-to-do house), they become friends. As the tension with Tariq intensifies, Robeson is conflicted about what to do. His father insists on nonviolence. But Tariq will have none of that. And the final confrontation is fast approaching.



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Derrick Barnes is the author of The Making of Dr. Truelove, which was an American Library Association Quick Picks selection and has been named by the New York Public Library as one of the 100 Best Books for the Teen Age. He is also author of the popular Ruby and The Booker Boys series. Derrick and his wife, Tinka, reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with their four sons.

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